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Team Sports Airbrushing 
Reguardless of your sport       or activity.  Have your equipment airbrushed with        any design you wish.

  These are a few examples of our airbrushed helmets             and equipment.

 We also will design a logo      for your team as well as        individuals helmets or                    equipment.  
E-mail -
"Please drop us a letter, giving us your comments and suggestions for future projects. We  will also create a special design just for you or your Team. "
         JAMES D. WHITE
Ordering a customize helmet can be as simple as e-mailing us at the address below or sending us letter at the address shown below.  We appreciate your interest in our artwork and hope you check back often for new works of art.  We are interested in your comments about our homepage and suggestions for future projects.  
  You can mix or match         these designs on any        piece of equipment in        different colors. Add additional highlights such as lightning, flames, paw      prints, stars or custom                   lettering.

  Contact us for a quote on your custom designed equipment. Any piece of        equipment can be             customized to your                   satifaction.
James D. White
White House Designs