This is a replica of a 1968 Chevelle Door cut out of Alucabond and shaped to look like the original door. The chrome door handle, lock and lower chrome trim has been airbrushed as well as the lower black accent panel. A wonderful lady from Tennessee requested this Chevlle and a portrait of her husband be airbrushed on the panel as a special Christmas surprise.  I hope her husband will enjoy this special gift for many years to come.

            If you would like to have your own memory airbrushed, please contact me at the e-mail listed below.


James D. White
White House Designs 
."Vantage Point" Red-tail Hawk  and  "Delicate Maiden" Demoiselle Crane are two of my favorite paintings.  

I was very fortunate to have two dear friends love the paintings  and take them home to enjoy for a very long time.  

As an artist, it is very gratifying when a love of your art moves someone to make it a part of their life. 

Every stroke of the brush has a little bit of the artist's mind and soul blended with the paint as it is applied to the canvas. I feel this is the spark that moves people to want to share this feeling with others.   

I hope you enjoy these paintings for many years and  thank you so much for loving them and making them part of your life.

James D. White